Jeremy Brown is a Canberra based designer-maker. His studio-based practice led research investigates ways in which furniture and objects can be used to promote emotional wellbeing and comfort within users.

Following the idea that artefacts can be made not only to fulfil practical tasks, but also to communicate and establish emotional connections with users; this research is prompted by the stress and anxiety often caused by the overwhelming external stimuli and demand in contemporary society. The aim of the research is to find ways to encourage user interaction in a more intimate and playful way; establishing these emotional connections, offering temporary distraction and refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and ultimately, reducing stress and anxiety levels.

Influenced mainly by natural forms such as plants, seedpods and sea creatures, Jeremy uses his works to change environments / living spaces, drawing users to interact and connect with the work and by doing so, reflect on emotions of comfort and feelings of safety.

Jeremy’s practice is interdisciplinary and incorporates many different materials. He uses these considered choices of mixed materials to create captivating juxtapositions between surface textures, playing with notions of hard/soft, permanent/impermanent. His chosen materials play a large part in enhancing the tactility of his works and add to the playful nature of the pieces.


Photo by Prue Hazelgrove